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French President Francois Hollande was ridiculed after he allegedly cheated on his previous partner Valerie Trierweiler with the actress Julie Gayet.

However, after a brief break, it looks like France's leader has "revived" his love affair with the actress, according to fresh photos published in a local magazine.

French media believed that the love affair, which caused great embarrassment to the embattled President, triggered a turbulent break-up with Trierweiler.

However VSD published new pictures purportedly showing Gayet, 41, leaving the presidential palace in Paris aboard a state-owned Ford Galaxy at 0830 CET on 30 October.

In the accompanying piece titled It's started again, the magazine claims that the pair regularly meets at the Élysée, where she often spends the night.

The publication hit the stands as Hollande was due to defend his presidency's record in a television interview marking the halfway point of term - causing gossip to overshadow politics.

The President dodged a question on his private life simply saying: "If I made mistakes, I recognise them. There are pains, and I forgive them."

He then vowed to not seek re-election in 2017 if he does not significantly slash the unemployment rate.

Since the election in 2012, Hollande's approval ratings have collapsed, with a poll this week putting his approval rating at 12%, making him the most unpopular president in recent French history.

His turbulent love life might have indeed contributed to the dismal record.

Top public figures' love lives have long been taboo in France, with most media abiding by the unwritten rule that disclosure stops at the bedroom door.

The rule was first broken by Closer magazine after they published photos alleging Hollande was cheating on Trierweiler with Gayet in January.

The report triggered a chain reaction that finally led to the scorned unofficial 'first lady' writing an explosive book on the issue, containing damaging revelations.

In one passage, for example, she took a political swipe at the Socialist leader claiming he hates the poor.

Hollande who has four children from his previous partner and current ecology minister, Segolene Royal, has never officially admitted the relationship with Gayet.