Samsung has just kicked off the Galaxy Note 7 exchange programme by replacing the faulty models with the new ones. To help user recognise if they have a new Note 7, the company has introduced a Green battery icon that is included in three software specific changes.

You should see the new battery icon visible on three places; the status bar, the always on display screen and the power off prompt screen, which will appear when you long press the power button of your Note 7. Besides, to check if you are using a new Note 7, look for a square symbol in black colour on the label of the packaging box.

Samsung has recommended users to take part in the exchange programme. In a statement the company said: "Our highest priority is the safety of our customers, and we strongly urge Galaxy Note7 users to immediately participate in the replacement program based on local availability."

The battery icon located at the top right corner of new models has been changed to green from white after the software updates, as reported recently. This small change was also aimed at helping consumers to differentiate between the old faulty ones and the fresh safe units. You can also identify new Note 7 units that are safe for use without any battery issue through the IMEI number. The company's new site lets user enter an IMEI number to check if the Note 7 is affected.

The South Korean electronics giant has confirmed that the Note 7 replacement devices would be available in the retails stores across the US starting 21 September. For those in the UK, the exchange of Note 7 will begin from 19 September. The exchange programme has already started for consumers in South Korea.