Samsung's new Galaxy S8's display has the "best-performing smartphone display that we have ever tested", according to a comprehensive evaluation done by DisplayMate Technologies that tests and compares all types of displays, monitors, projectors, mobile displays and other technologies such as LCD and OLED.

The handset has received DisplayMate's highest ever A+ grade. The display evaluation of the S8 provides a point-by-point analysis of the device's hardware, advanced features and functions that allow the display to offer a better viewing experience.

The S8 earned top marks, with due credit to its curved full-screen OLED display that completely covers the front face of the smartphone from edge to edge. The home button of the S8 is incorporated into the screen, which measures 5.8in with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. This is to give users more space and a better viewing experience.

The new high-saturation 'Deep Red' OLED in the Galaxy S8 makes the video content in the smartphone even more vivid. This technology creates a larger native colour gamut, which DisplayMate says is the highest ever in a smartphone or a tablet. The colour gamut allows the screen to portray high-definition content.

The Quad HD display of the S8 features the highest resolution available in a smartphone with an OLED display to produce crystal clear images, claims Samsung. DisplayMate says the Galaxy S8 has "the brightest smartphone display that we have ever measured".

In addition to that, the S8 produces up to 1,020 nits under light conditions such as bright sunlight and boasts a screen reflection of 4.5%. The combination of high brightness and low reflectance creates an ambient light rating of 227, which according to DisplayMate, is the highest that it is has ever measured for any smartphone display.

Samsung's new S8 along with its large screen variant S8+ will be available for purchase on 21 April in a bunch of colour options such as midnight black, orchid grey, arctic silver, coral blue and maple gold.