Game of Thrones season 6 will not let fans sit idle as every episode offers major twists and new revelations that not only shock the viewers but also keep changing the course of HBO's blockbuster fantasy series.

The series has aired its fifth episode titled The Door in the US and is yet to telecast the same in the UK. But the ending of the episode has made its way to the internet and has broken many fans' heart. It is also being tagged as the saddest ending of the series — sadder than the Red Wedding.

The Door not only answered one lingering question about Hodor, it also sparked multiple doubts about Bran's time travel ability.

Warning: The article contains spoilers for episode 5 The Door

Game of Thrones season 6
Bran Star meets the Night's King in Game of Thrones season 6 episode 5 titled The Door YouTube Screengrab/HBO

GoT season 6 episode 5 offered a close look at Bran's magical abilities other than his Greenseer power (the ability that allows him to see his past and have visions of his future). Continuing his journey to his father Ned Stark's younger days, he sees a young talking Hodor with the name Wylis.

However, soon his visions gets eclipsed by the Night's King and his White Walkers' undead army, who locate the tree-bound Three-Eyed Raven's location while Bran and his mentor are still in the past. Following the deadly attack, Meera requests Bran to help Hodor move and act.

That is when the supernaturally powered Stark son enters his long-time companion and protector's mind to escape from the White Walkers army. In that last painful scene, the Hodor was seen trying to "hold the door" in a bid to help Meera and Bran escape the creepy walkers. While dragging Bran on the icy path, Meera kept repeating "Hold the door" as Bran was using his powers in the past and the present at the same time, and it appears the young Wylis somehow got caught in Bran's vision and got linked to his present day self and started repeating Meera's words, thereby saying only one word that became his name for the rest of his life — Hodor.

Fan theories on Bran's powers:

Famous fan theories suggests it is not just Hodor whose entire life was changed due to Bran's interference in his past but many fans believe that he has a major role in destroying his own family dynasty.

In episode 2 titled Oathbreakers, he travelled to his father's past at the Tower of Joy and even tried to call his young father. Ned also turned back to see nothing other than two horses. But famous theories suggest that though Bran remains invisible in his past visions, his voice can be heard as whispers.

Wild theories (via Movie Pilot) also suggest that Mad King Aerys Targaryen heard voices before he brutally executed Brandon and Rickard Stark. According to the website, future Bran's intervention in the past has done the real damage. Bran tried to warn the Mad King about the White Walkers, which drove the king mad, who burnt Rickard alive and later killed Brandon too.

GoT season 6 episode 5 The Door will air on 23 May at 9pm on Sky Atlantic in the UK.