Girlboss, starring Britt Robertson, is a Netflix Original series Netflix

New Netflix series Girlboss has ruffled up a few feathers since its release on Friday 21 April.

The streaming giant's original comedy series is created by Kay Cannon and executive produced by Charlize Theron among others, and it is based on Sophia Amoruso's autobiography #Girlboss.

Britt Robertson plays the lead of Sophia Marlowe, and the 13-episode series was met with mixed reviews over the weekend. The plot centres around the antics of Sophia, a 23-year-old San Francisco native who starts styling vintage clothes and reselling them on eBay. She later goes on to start her own ecommerce website, Nasty Gal.

The New York Post claims that while Girlboss promised fun, fashion and feminism, it "is nothing but a disservice to feminism." Vox claimed that "Girlboss is way more fun once it stops trying to prove its heroine is such an a***hole."

TV Ratings Guide had a better opinion of the show, citing: "Rather than allow sitcoms to wither on the vine, writers and producers are taking a gritty, realistic approach to delivering us entertainment. Girlboss fits this trend and is a noticable 'Crass-Com', or crass situational comedy."

Critics aside, and more importantly, how did the public (you lot) react to the new show? It appears that it was quite the hit with fans, despite many finding the protagonist irritating.

One viewer wrote: "Binge watching #GirlBoss on @NetflixUK. Wasn't sure I'd love but I'm four episodes in without stopping... hooked already #girlbossnetflix", as another put: "Two episodes in...does she get more likeable? Or is she always a dick... #girlboss #girlbossnetflix".

A third added: "How annoying is this character...?!! I'm giving it a chance but I can't stand her! #girlbossnetflix".

Another viewer said: "Just finished #girlbossnetflix – I flipping loved it! @sophiaamoruso you're my fave kind of Nasty Gal!" while more people continued to comment on Sophia's character, with one Twitter user stating: "I want to like #girlbossnetflix . It's not happening for me yet though. Is anyone else having a tough time actually liking Sophia in this?"

Another fan wrote: "I dunno you guys. 2nd ep and she's still some sorta unrealistic manic pixie anti-dream girl. Insufferable. #girlbossnetflix".

Others touched on the notion of feminism and female success, with one viewer saying: "#girlbossnetflix – enjoyable fluff OR promotes notion that to be a successful woman you also have to be rude and narcissistic?"

During the first episode, Sophia casually stole a rug from a store, and in future episodes she goes on to steal a book, sodas and a Christmas tree. However at the end of the series, she notes that her accomplishments were all because of the people who helped her along the way.