The Good Wife
Alicia\'s relation with husband Peter Florrick, may end in season 6. The Good Wife/Facebook

Good Wife season 6 is keeping its fans tangled with the ongoing state attorney battle that Alicia is fighting. But that is not the only battle she is facing, her influential husband Peter Florrick is scheming to bring down Alicia's reputation before the election.

His cunning plotting in the CBS legal drama has enraged fans who want a divorce between Alicia and the governor of Illinois.

Julianna Margulies, who played Alicia's character, meanwhile, thinks like her fans and during the recent Paley Fest, she hinted at brewing trouble between the power couple.

"I would truly love to see her leave Peter," Margulies said, via Enstarz.

However, she agrees that Alicia climbed the ladder of success due to the powerful contacts of her attorney husband as she was able to make some high profile clients.

"At first it was her time to climb up the ladder in the law firm and having the governor as husband definitely helped get clients," Margulies said. "Now, in the political arena, they are a power couple."

The official synopsis of episode 16 Red Meat reads: "Alicia's political future will be on the line when Peter gives an interview that could influence voter turnout on Election Day. Meanwhile, a weekend getaway with Kurt and his affluent hunting buddies, could lead Diane to a prosperous new client for the firm."

The synopsis reveals that Peter will spew some venomous details about his wife during an interview which will shrink the chances of Alicia winning the attorney battle.

She is already struggling with a proper electoral campaign and Peter's action will only add to her already turbulent campaign.

It remains to be seen how Alicia will tackle all the ongoing issues and become the next attorney and how she will handle her law firm and the new job she just joined.

"Cary Agos went and left the law firm for a season. We had Alicia spin off and have her own firm. We get to make big moves, which is fun," The Good Wife co-creator Michelle King told the Hollywood Reporter.

The Good Wife season 6 episode 16 Red Meat airs this Sunday, 22 March, on CBS.