Good Wife season 7
The Good Wife season 7 will premiere on 4 October this year CBS

After the death of Will Gardner in season 5, Alicia Florrick's love life has largely remained non-existent throughout season 6, apart from her occasional sexual tensions with Finn Polmar. The Good Wife season 7 is expected to end all that, especially after Jeffrey Dean Morgan's entry to the CBS courtroom drama.

Series co-creator Robert King told TVLine that sparks will fly between Alicia and her newly appointed investigator but not without emotional twists as "the Catholic-girl part" of her will be reluctant to listen to her heart's calling. Apart from her emotional turmoil, the attorney will also have to deal with her husband Peter's ambitions to run for the US presidency. The Florrick patriarch is keen on projecting a 'happy family' image to the world in order to create a good impression on the public.

"One of the things Peter can [use as campaign leverage] is a marriage that went to the brink and now is happy — although reality is different from public perception," King explains. "Peter knows, without Alicia, he's just a John who overpaid for a hooker."

Meanwhile, Alicia will try to revive her struggling law career all over again and this will be a tedious task for her. "She negotiated a very bad deal when she left the firm. And now she's making $135-a-case as a bar attorney in bond court," notes King.

It will be interesting to watch how her new investigator will help in elevating her career and her morale in The Good Wife season 7 which premieres on 4 October this year on CBS. Here is the official synopsis of the CBS show: