YouTube Gaming
Google announces YouTube Gaming for US and UK summer launch Google

Google has just announced a new live-streaming service for the gaming community, which will presumably be called "YouTube Gaming", according to a recent post on the YouTube official blog.

With Google having missed out on an earlier opportunity to acquire Twitch (game streaming service) which Amazon bought at first sight, it seems the YouTube creator is making amends with the announcement of the new service that directly competes against Twitch.

Although Google's new service still borrows the YouTube moniker, it will be a standalone service with its own website and app when it launches this summer.

The report adds that YouTube Gaming will be a reservoir of more than 25,000 game titles connecting the biggest community of gamers on the web with live streams, recent videos and creator channels at launch.

With an enhanced live-streaming experience that integrates all the entities of the gaming community together, any gamer can find what he wants by subscribing to the channel and searching for his favourite game titles.

Channel creators will be able to enjoy a much simpler platform to broadcast their gameplay videos over YouTube, which will eliminate the need to schedule a live event ahead of time.

In addition, game publishers and channel creators can enjoy incentives such as high-frame rate streaming at 60fps and the ability to convert any live-stream into a YouTube video.

The YouTube Gaming service is expected to make sharing streams easier with a single link. The service is expected to see an initial launch in the US and the UK, but there is no word from Google on the exact launch date.

The service should be going live in the next few months, as Google has already revealed its plans for demonstrating it at the E3 expo from 16-18 June at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Interested gamers and YouTube fans may tune in to the live broadcast service at to watch the event live.