Google is unlikely to release a new laptop under its Pixelbook series.

The Verge suggested that the American tech firm will not release the 2019 Pixelbook Go successor. It also claimed that the team making the Pixelbook had been transferred to different departments inside the company's internal operations. In 2021, some reports indicated Google isn't planning to release a new Pixelbook, allegedly as a cost-cutting measure.

There is no denying that the search engine giant has been sparring no effort to extend its product range. For instance, it is set to unveil the latest Pixel Watch and new laptops in the coming months. However, the Pixelbook will not see the light of the day.

To recall, Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh confirmed to The Verge a few months ago that the company is "going to do Pixelbooks in the future." He also pointed out that the Chromebook market was quite different in 2017 when the original Pixelbook had gone official.

A Google spokesperson refused to share details of the company's future product plans with The Verge. Nevertheless, the company's spokesperson stated that Google will continue building and supporting a wide range of innovative products that are helpful to Google users. In the meantime, the company is working to transition team members across various services and devices, the spokesperson explained.

The original Pixelbook failed to garner skyrocketing popularity among everyday consumers. The device carried nearly the same price tag as Windows 2-in-1 2017 model.

The follow-up drew inspiration from Microsoft Surface Pro. However, it did not have a completed tablet mode, which led to software problems. So, Google decided to stop making ChromeOS tablets, and deviate its focus on making laptops.

Google launched the Pixelbook Go laptop in 2019, which paved the way for excellent Chromebook hardware. With this traditional laptop, Google introduced major changes to ChromeOS as well. The new OS matched speed with macOS and Windows and even packed ideal hardware for it. It's been three years since then, but Google is still mum on its plan to launch a follow-up to the Pixelbook.

The tech giant is prepping to host a launch event on October 6. Google will be unveiling a myriad of new products including the Pixel 7 series smartphones, and a new Pixel Watch at the impending event.

Latest leaks suggested that Google will announce new Nest Home hardware as well. Also, Google is tipped to launch a Pixel foldable device in 2023.

Google Pixelbook canceled
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