The 20120 Grammy Awards are only a few hours away... and despite the tragic news of American pop queen Whitney Houston's death, the show must go on!

The premiere awards night in the music industry is simply the most glamorous and exciting place to be seen, if you are serious about your music. That, however, does not mean the celebrities strutting the red carpet turn up in little old rags and unfashionable clothing (unless, of course, they're wearing designer rags and trying to set an avante-garde style statement).

The Grammys night is all about style... and fashion elegance.

The only problem is that while some of our stars have an innate sense of that style and elegance, the others do not... although they try very hard.

Fortunately for our nastier selves... this provides us with plenty to criticise and nitpick over.

Check out a slideshow of some of the best and worst dressed celebrities from the 2011 Grammy Awards...