Easter eggs
Easter Eggs. Pixabay/Couleur

A grandfather claims to have the U.K.'s oldest unopened Easter egg, which he has carefully safeguarded for 92 years.

Eric Boden, who is now 93 years old, was a baby when his uncle gave him his first Nestle milk chocolate treat for Easter in 1931.

Concerned that he had been given too much chocolate, his mother stored it in a cupboard for him to enjoy when he was older but the Easter egg has since remained unopened and in mint condition for nearly a century.

The egg is older than most people, measuring nine inches (22 cm) tall, is now thought to be the U.K.'s oldest unopened Easter egg and is older than most people.

Eric from Evesham in Worcestershire, stated that he keeps the priceless chocolate artefact in a dark, cool cupboard at home.

According to the retired toolmaker, who has four grandchildren, the chocolate Easter egg was gifted to him by his uncle Harvey, who was an army officer and fought in the First World War.

"He gave the chocolate egg to me to mark my first Easter.

"My mum didn't want me to get in a mess as I was given lots of chocolate treats so she put it away and it didn't get eaten," he said.

He then rediscovered the egg, which he had suspected was still somewhere in the house while cleaning out the property following the death of his parents, Florence and Arthur, 37 years ago.

He then brought back the egg to his house where it is now stored in a cupboard.

The egg has never been removed from its packaging, which is described a "big green box with hand painted eggs and chickens on it." It is also still in the exact condition as when it was purchased in 1931.

The Easter egg is made of milk chocolate and is wrapped in red and silver foil with a large red ribbon around it.

Eric, whose wife June died in 2004, is currently working with Guinness World Records to have his egg verified.

His youngest son Stephen said that he's done some research and looked up Easter eggs online claiming to be the oldest, but so far, he's only found ones that are around 70 years old.

"Obviously this is 92 so it would seem to be the oldest unopened one in the UK.
"It became a bit of a family joke. It was kept in a cool, dark place and that's where it stayed," the 64-year-old stated.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Nestle recently congratulated Eric on the longevity of the egg, while warning people that no one should attempt to eat the century-old unopened chocolate.

"It's really nice to hear it's been preserved as a keepsake all these years although it would not be worth anything.

"Vintage chocolate is not like vintage wine. It's well past its sell by date and I don't recommend anyone should eat it," they stated.

In another incident that took place this year, a man was dubbed as the "Easter Bunny" for trying to steal around 200,000 chocolate eggs estimated to be worth around £40,000.

The 32-year-old man, identified as Joby Pool from West Yorkshire, had broken into an industrial unit in Stafford Park in Telford, England, on Feb. 11.

Pool used a stolen tractor unit to tow away the trailer full of goods which had numerous varieties of chocolates including thousands of Cadbury crème eggs. He was arrested by police on a highway on suspicion of theft.

He was convicted in court after admitting to the crime. The British police jokingly referred to it as an "eggs-travagant theft."