Grimm season 5
Nick and Juliette in the final scene from Grimm season 4 episode 22 Cry Havoc (NBC)

Grimm season 5 will pick up after Juliette's shocking final scene where Trubel fires two arrows at her and we see an unconscious Juliette lying in Nick's arms.

But fans are entirely convinced that Juliette is not dead, going by similar scenarios earlier on the show. Just as Captain Renard was 'killed', but returned from the dead last season, fans could expect Juliette's return in season 5.

A new fan theory suggests that Juliette is not dead yet. A Tumblr post says, "I bet you that she had a change of heart, and somehow had to die to reverse the hexenbiest curse."

Meanwhile, Bitsie Tulloch ‏has uploaded her photo on Twitter, where she has arrows on her neck and chest with the caption 'Just a flesh wound!'

Although the celeb added in brackets "just kidding", the image indicates that the character has not died in the series and will be back for its next season.

Meanwhile, some fans have started a new hastag #saveJuliette to make sure the character will be back for season 5.

Actor David Giuntoli has teased a wild season 5, and shared filming updates via Twitter.

Grimm writers teased that they are on to mapping character arcs for the next season and also cleared rumours around its season 5 premiere date.