Rockstar Games has truly lived up to the expectations of its fans by unleashing the Gold Paint job as part of the newly released I'm Not a Hipster update, while discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has posted a guide to Gold Paint Job customisation for Dubsta 6x6 and Blade.

In the latter part of this article, you will also see the Lowrider Mod customisation in detail as Dom reveals some nifty tricks to get the best out of your modded car.

Gold Paint Job for Dubsta 6x6

First up let us take a look at the Gold Paint Job for the 3-Axle and 6-seater Dubsta. Here is how you do it:

  • Drive your Dubsta 6x6 to the Los Santos Customs (LSC) shop.
  • Before you begin customising, make sure you perform a full body repair and engine service for your Dubsta at the LSC to give it a pristine look.
  • Choose Respray > Primary Colour > Metals and select Pure Gold. It will cost you just $900 (unlike the rumoured $1m gold paint job).
  • Next try to lower the suspension a bit by adding Sport Suspension parts and increase the engine transmission power by installing Race Transmission parts (ignore if you already have them installed).
  • Then install custom Turbo tuning parts and select Windows > Tint > Pure Black. It is going to cost you another $900.
  • Customise the roof with Matte Black Rack/Spotlights for $975.
  • Change the number plates to Yellow and Black.
  • It is up to you if you want to install off road wheels such as Cairngorm or leave it with the default monster truck wheels.
  • Next, install the Xenon lights on the front and Chrome Rear Guard to replace the stock bumper.
  • If you still have some money to spend, go ahead and replace the stock brakes with sports brakes and you are done.

Your shiny new Dubsta is now ready for a long drive across Los Santos.

Gold Paint Job for Blade

After having fully customised the Dubsta, let us take a look at the Gold Paint Job for Blade. Here is how you do it:

  • Just drive your Blade to LSC shop and make sure you repair the car to get rid of any damages once the car is inside the garage.
  • Change the number plates to Yellow and Black.
  • Choose Respray> Primary Colour> Metals and select Brushed Gold for $900. Note: The Brushed Gold offers shinier look than Pure Gold and suits better for the Blade.
  • Change the Wheel Type to lowrider> Big Worm for $2050 and change the tyres to custom tyres for $2500.

You are all done... Your shiny new Blade is ready to roll across the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County.