GTA 5 PC and Next-gen: Complete Feature Changes Revealed for San Andreas in Re-mastered Edition
GTA 5 PC and Next-gen: Complete Feature Changes Revealed for San Andreas in Re-mastered Edition Rockstar Games

With Rockstar has confirmed the arrival of GTA 5 re-mastered edition for PC and next-gen consoles, some discerning gamers have unearthed a bunch of hidden feature changes in San Andreas for the next-gen release.

The list of changes includes new eco-systems, new wild-life and impressive level of detail with game world, NPCs and in-game elements, as avid fans of GTA have tried exploring the wilderness of San Andreas' countryside, according to a recent report by Movie Pilot.

One glance at the new gameplay trailer for PS4 confirms that the visuals and game world details are breathtakingly impressive, given the new wild-life additions including sharks, snakes, bees, buffalo, puma, elk, rats, and monkeys among several others.

One might visualise GTA 5 as a clone of several games with diverse gameplay elements borrowed from cross-platform FPS and racing games such as Max Payne, Far Cry, Need for Speed, Driver and more.

Unlike previous iterations in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 5 brings diverse playable characters with the ability to switch back and forth as the story unfolds in single-player mode.

This boosts the replay value of the game and adds a welcome change of pace unlike the linear playthroughs we see in other action games.

Besides, every playable character portrays a mind of its own to think with conscience and react about the consequences.

The NPCs in the game also react on every action you take such as complimenting you on your purchase and asking you about how things went by in a job interview.

If you are frequently robbing the same store, you will see the cops on a high alert and waiting for you to show up. Besides, NPCs give attention to minute details such as helping an injured cop or a fellow buddy in distress.

With the re-mastered edition, you will likely see more refined gameplay elements along with better scope for minute details that make the game more realistic and enjoyable.

For instance, gamers will notice high-density traffic and revamped car interiors such as speedometer and rev counter dials, dashboard, console and more.

Take a look at the PS3 and PS4 trailer comparison to get a hang of what's in store with the upcoming re-mastered release of GTA 5: