GTA 5 DLC update: 12 new Lowrider aka Lowlife DLC cars leaked    (Rockstar Games) Rockstar Games

The GTA community is abuzz with rumours of Lowrider aka Lowlife DLC making its way into GTA 5 in the forthcoming title updates for the game.

Meanwhile, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW has revealed a bunch of freshly-leaked Lowrider aka Lowlife DLC cars for GTA 5, as part of his latest gameplay video on YouTube.

The leaked information comes from prolific GTA 5 tipster Funmw2 aka TezFunz (via Twitter). This suggests Rockstar is creating updates similar to previous ones by updating the game files pertaining to the DLC code termed as "Low" or the Hipster Update.

The game code (see video) further hints that Rockstar will be adding 12 new DLC cars with the forthcoming update, along the lines of Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, which introduced six new vehicles each with Part 1 and Part 2.

MrBossFTW says the full list of leaked DLC cars is now available with due credit to m3tal z_DKI, a GTA forums member who has compiled all the hex values and codes pertaining to the leaked DLC cars. This consolidated list follows the first leak that surfaced just a day ago.

The YouTuber also explains that the hexcodes clearly reveal what type of vehicles will be coming and when, as part of the forthcoming title updates for GTA 5.

Check out the complete list of leaked DLC cars that are likely to debut with the forthcoming DLC update for GTA 5 (below):

0x95466bdb = faction2

0x866bce26 = faction3

0x710a2b9b = moonbeam2

0x86618eda = primo2

0x0d4ea603 = sabregt2

0xca62927a = virgo2

0x00fdffb0 = virgo3

0xaed64a63 = chino2

0x779b4f2d= clean voodoo

0xc397f748 = buccaneer2

0x94da98ef = tornado5

0x42bc5e19 = slamvan3

The catch here is that none of the vehicles proposed in the list is new. All seem to be modified variants of the existing cars in the game.

MrBossFTW sums it up saying it is not yet clear if this will be a Lowrider or Lowlife DLC. However, he personally expects it to be called "Lowlife DLC" with cheaper vehicle options, as its theme perfectly complements the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, wherein all DLC vehicles turned out to be unreasonably expensive.

To further strengthen his claim, the YouTuber asserts that most of the vehicles revealed in the list are low-end cars and vans with cheaper price tags, unlike the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC which showcased only high-end sports cars and luxury cars.

Do you think the forthcoming DLC will be called Lowrider or Lowlife Update? Please leave your comments below.