GTA 5: Earn Unlimited Money via Destroyed Cars Glitch
Recover your destroyed car by placing Request for Personal Vehicle via in-game phone

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) continues to be in the spotlight for its abundance of glitches, cheats and exploits waiting to be unearthed by greedy gamers after every maintenance update or patch from Rockstar Games.

Following the recent flurry of car duplication glitches in GTA 5 Online, discerning gamers have unearthed a new destroyed cars glitch which permits them to duplicate a destroyed car. The only hitch is that the destroyed car must have a vehicle tracker installed.

With the risk of having to pay a heavy insurance premium in order to regain a destroyed car, greedy gamers have unearthed yet another glitch that can help them to recover the destroyed car for free.

Whenever your car is destroyed or totalled, just call your mechanic and place a "Request for Personal Vehicle" via in-game phone. Then highlight the car model name in the list, hold the Select key and then keep tapping 'X' on "Request Personal Vehicle" option.

Then the mechanic will bring a copy of your destroyed car to your location. Drive the new car with pre-owned upgrades back to the garage.

If you have paid the insurance premium and made the claim at the accident location, then you will have another car of the same make in pristine condition with all your pre-installed upgrades. The same trick can be used if your car is impounded by the police from the accident spot or if you are busted for a crime.