Avid GTA gamers who missed the opportunity to explore a bunch of exciting Christmas gifts can still sample the special treat. Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has come up with all the probable gift items that are available as part of Festive Surprise 2015 DLC in GTA Online. The surprise gifts are currently available but likely to end sometime soon.

Rockstar is offering a set of new pajamas, Abominable Snowman masks and a naughty cap along with some free weapons and ammunition including proximity mines, Molotovs, grenades, baseball bat, Fireworks Launcher, and a Carbine Rifle with 200 rounds. The biggest item on this update is undoubtedly the three new set of pajamas, which can be purchased from any clothing store in Los Santos.

When you visit any clothing store, you will see a section named Festive Tops under clothing tops which contains at least one new set of pajamas. You might get one of red, green or black pajamas on a random basis in GTA Online.

Depending on your character's gender, you may also get to wear the lumberjack-style pajamas such as red check or green check variants. Moving on to the hat section, you will find one or two new hats under Festive Hats section such as Naughty Flipped cap and the Nice Cap with X-mas theme on it.

Readers may note that the Abominable Snowman mask remains common for all players who have logged into GTA Online on Christmas Day. The mask reportedly offers a mix of facial features pertaining to monkeys from Planet of the Apes and the Abominable Snowman.