Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has traditionally been a third-person RPG action game ever since its first iteration released back in 1997, while discerning gamers have been eager to try out new game-changing mods such as First Person mod.

A discerning YouTube tipster, XBLToothPik, has shared his First Person mod gameplay video in GTA 5 with Dom (aka DomisLive) via YouTube.

The mod is said to be compatible with both the PC and the current generation consoles, though the game is yet to release on the most versatile gaming platform.

With just a few months left for the highly-anticipated PC release for GTA 5, one can already imagine the kind of superior gameplay that is possible with First Person view in GTA 5.

The Field of View (FOV) looks so real and playable that one starts wondering why Rockstar failed to include this mod as part of the game in GTA 5.

It is not yet clear if the game developer intends to introduce such new features and mods with the impending PC release in fall.

Nevertheless, avid fans of GTA can relish the FPS-style gameplay in this cool demo video as shots fired from a handgun kill the target with precision unlike third-person view.

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