GTA Online: New Rockstar Verified Jobs and Tips to Create Killer Deathmatches

Players on Rockstar's GTA 5 have now come out with a new method to get all of the game's melee weapons for free, and this includes the elusive Molotov Cocktail, which is extremely rare on GTA Online.

Check out the tutorial for a detailed explanation on how the method works.


Players are required to link their gamer tags to their Rockstar social account. After that they must add a custom game mode to their game. There are two working versions in the description of the video, one for Xbox 360 and another for PS3.

Once players have added a custom game mode to their game they must invite a friend. That done, they can start up the game with the invited friend, and pick up all the weapons they want.

The list includes everything from the rare Molotov Cocktail to the Golf Clubs, which are usually only found on a course.

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