For a long time, players of GTA Online have been requesting Rockstar to release heist missions for the game. However, the developer hasn't said much regarding this subject. But for those of you who are still yearning for some Heist-style action, Let'sPlay has come out with brand new GTA 5 Heist video.

The video starts off with players planning out an actual heist in the GTA 5 context by using a map of Los Santos and elements from the game. Even though the players put in a great amount of detail and precision into their planning, things go wary and they are forced to deal with mess at one point of the video.

Check the video out below. Hopefully it should help players get excited about the upcoming heist missions.

Heists For GTA Online Files

Reports indicate that the next title update of GTA 5 might contain Heists for GTA Online. The news came only days after Rockstar released title update 1.11, or the 'Business Update', which brought with it a host of new weapons, clothes, vehicles and activities.

Rumours indicate that the 1.11 update brings in many of the required files for online heists. However, these won't be activated until the next update arrives. Read more about that here.

Other GTA 5 News

According to a report by the Independent, a man in Chicago went on to play GTA 5 despite being in full knowledge of the fact that his two-year-old stepson had broken his leg.

This resulted in his arrest after being charged with misdemeanor child endangerment. Court records went on to add that the child had suffered a right femur fracture.