According to a new leak from GTA 5's game code, impending updates for the game will give players several new planes and a possible new vehicle, along with details of their pricing. The leaks are being considered as reliable and many experts believe that these new planes and vehicles will arrive on GTA 5 in the near future.

The leaks indicate that there are four different strings of code that have the pilot school vehicle prefix attached to them. This means that we could have a few more Pilot School lessons arriving on GTA 5 single player with future updates. Another possibility is that the developers might add a Pilot School lesson into GTA Online.

For the uninitiated, the Pilot School, which is available in the GTA 5 single player mode, is near the airport. Currently, the school happens to be inaccessible on GTA Online even though players can see it.

The new aircraft spotted in the code includes the Hydra, Besra, Miljet and Coquette2. There are expectations that Rockstar might include these new planes in upcoming flight school lessons on GTA 5 or GTA Online.

Moving on to their pricing, the Hydra will cost $1.7m, the Besra $1.25m, the Miljet $1.98m, while the Coquette2 around $600K.

It goes without saying that apart from the hefty price tags, gamers will be required to clear certain levels and qualify to be able to buy these new planes.

Gamers will be relieved that planes will finally be available on GTA Online for sale and that they won't have to be stolen from military bases.