GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Hints at 1.16 Update and DLC Pack Release Window
The GTA 5 Online Update 1.16 is rumoured to be released on Tuesday 19 August Rockstar Games

That latest from GTA 5 tipsters is that gamers should expect the GTA 5 1.16 update this Tuesday. The update is said to contain the "San Andreas Flight School" DLC and will bring players a new set of aircraft on GTA Online, as well as other new features.

The rumour appears to be a sensible one, as this coming Tuesday (19 August 2014) happens to be National Aviation Day 2014 - meaning that releasing a flight-themed DLC would be appropriate.

According to Typical Gamer, the DLC is said to contain new flight suits, 10 new solo missions, reserve parachutes and four new vehicles. The information comes from reputable tipster ecb2 who has a good track record of finding information related to GTA 5 updates.

However, the information should be treated as a rumour until proven otherwise.

The following was posted by ecb2 on Reddit:

"Flight suits "

Once it's 'mission accomplished' and you're out of your heroic new Flight Suit"

10 new solo missions

"Grab the stick of the fast and nimble Western Besra training jet and push it to the edge of the envelope. Master absolute air superiority in 10 new solo missions that will make you comfortable in any pilot's danger zone, including combat maneuvering, low-flying challenges, formation flying and more."

Reserve parachutes & new parachute bags

"Hit the silk with a collection of new Chutes and Parachute Bags, and if things get a little out of control, rely on the Reserve Parachute to give you a second chance at that soft landing – or use it to get creative with your precision dives."

4(?) new vehicles

"Grab the stick of the fast and nimble Western Besra training jet and push it to the edge of the envelope." "spend your shore leave buzzing the skies in the luxury Swift helo, or cram your entire squad into the new 16-seater Buckingham Mil-Jet jet for team transport in style." "Later, hit the streets in the shapely Invetero Coquette Classic, available in either hard-top or topless roadster variants."

Credits to the Sokemaster"