GTA 5 Online Mods: Rape and Trolling, and Block Garages Explained
GTA 5 Online Mods: Rape and Trolling, and Block Garages Explained Rockstar Games

News of some pranksters disturbing normal gameplay in GTA Online is making waves on the internet as several YouTube reports suggest use of explicit content mods such as Rape, Trolling, Block Garages and more.

Renowned YouTube tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has shed more light on the current state of affairs in GTA Online with the rampant mods wreaking havoc on the game.

Some discerning GTA 5 gamers have reportedly tweeted pictures of these mods in action and asked Dom for an explanation about the same.

Block Garage Mod

First of the lot is the Block Garage mod which seems to affect gamers every time they login to GTA Online. Quite mysteriously, gamers have been reportedly witnessing large garbage cans and giant crates that are randomly spawning inside their garage even while playing in invite only session.

Check out a few screenshots (below) depicting the Block Garage mod in GTA Online:

GTA 5 Online Mods: Rape and Trolling, and Block Garages Explained

According to the tipster, several gamers have also been complaining about blocked access from roaming inside or exiting their garage normally.

Consequently, affected gamers have been forced to commit suicide or kill themselves just to get out of the garage.

GTA 5 Online Mods: Rape and Trolling, and Block Garages Explained

As Dom admits, the new Block Garage mod seems to be spreading the infection from a modded lobby to those systems logged into the room and then spread across other rooms when the same console or system connects to those rooms.

The tipster concludes that the only way to avoid being infected with Block Garage Mod is to avoid connecting to public lobbies and instead play with your friends in a private session only.

New Rape and Trolling Mod Enables Pranksters to Rape Other Players

Some discerning modders and pranksters seem to have unleashed a new Rape and Trolling Mod that allows them to rape other players in GTA Online as well as undress their own playable characters to exhibit full nudity to the audience.

These mods come with a dedicated section called "naughty stuff" that allows gamers the ability to force other players to do things like pole dancing, push-ups and perform dog-style sex-animation.

The mod is apparently a weird creation by Chrom3 X Modz which has gone viral on YouTube ever since it first surfaced online.

Check out some of these videos wherein players are reportedly found performing strip dancing once the sex animation is over:

A few YouTube fans and followers have reportedly tweeted Dom about the literal raping incidents in GTA Online wherein some invincible modders in the game had wreaked havoc with these mods as no player could ever kill them or stop the instance of getting raped.