GTA Online GTA 5 Capture Jobs

Along with the High Life Update for GTA 5, Rockstar has made some critical changes to Rooftop Rumble. This has resulted in the mission becoming harder since FIB agents now have higher accuracy.

The new changes cause additional agents to spawn as players attack the parking garage.

Gamers have always relied on the mission to "grind" or play repeatedly, so as to accumulate large amounts of GTA$ legally. However, owing to the new changes, gamers are now searching for alternatives to earn some quick cash. One of the best options, according to a popular YouTuber, happens to be the mission Coveted.

He goes on to add that players can accumulate an excess of $280,000 in the game if they play it for an hour on Playlist. This can be achieved if they can finish the mission in about four minutes, which isn't a great feat for most players. Watch the video below to learn more about that.

It is recommended that players set the mission's difficulty to hard so that they can earn more money. Gamers can perform the mission solo or tag a few friends along to get things done quickly. The person hosting the mission has to be at least level 36.

Illegal Methods

For players who do not have time to grind and are looking for quicker methods to earn GTA$ and RP, we recently spoke about some of the game's best RP and Money Glitches that work after the 1.13 update.

If you do come across faster methods to make RP and GTA$ legally or illegally, let us know about them in the comments below.