Rockstar released the 1.13 Title Update for GTA 5 and along with it came many opulent items for purchase and some nice game enhancements. The developer also managed to make patches for a few glitches in the game but gamers have already countered this by finding several new glitches.

Previously, we spoke about the best money glitches that work with the GTA 5 1.13 update. Now, we take a look at a new RP glitch that gamers have come across.

It is worth noting that while they are branded as "glitches", they are nothing more than missions created by players to allow people to make massive amounts of RP in short durations.

The mission requires at least five players, according to YouTuber Murazh UK. It is set in a long corridor that is created and sealed off by freight containers. At one end of the corridor, players will find a small area that contains over a dozen miniguns.

The player who wants to accumulate the RP must pick up a gun and spray bullets into the other players, all of who will continue to spawn in the corridor. This allows players to make quick, instantaneous kills, which in turn allows them to rack up a massive amount of RP.

The YouTuber also goes on to claim that he was able to rank up five levels in a very short time by using this method. Check out the video below for a full set of instructions.

Do let us know about other RP glitches in the comments below.