GTA 5 Online: Fastest Unlimited Money and Unlimited RP via Infinite Bounty Glitch After 1.13 Patch

A new unlimited money and RP glitch has surfaced online via YouTube video, which allows gamers to make ridiculously huge amounts of money every hour by using the infinite bounty glitch in GTA 5 Online.

This glitch does not require you to duplicate expensive cars or repeat the tiresome exercise of selling your cars at Los Santos Customs (LSC) after every attempt of car-duplication.

Instead, the infinite bounty glitch requires two friends playing with you in GTA Online and you can ask one of your friends to place a large bounty starting at $10,000 on the other friend.

This new infinite bounty glitch allows you to make up to $9,000 along with tons of RP every five to ten seconds by killing the friend who has a bounty on his head. The best part is that your friend keeps re-spawning every few seconds so that you can become a quick millionaire by just repeatedly killing someone.

Here is how you do it:

  • Enter a GTA Online session with two friends. Once all three are logged into the game make sure the mission lobby is set to full.
  • Then click start and go to Xbox Store (Xbox 360) or PlayStation store (PS3).
  • Once you see the load screen, tap "A" on Xbox 360 and hold down the D-Pad to quit online session (on PS3 just hold down the D-Pad) and switch to single player character.
  • Tip: Gamers using PS3 may need to download a lag switch for the glitch to work properly (check the video description here to download lag switch).
  • This will make the single player character spawn in GTA Online session and for a brief moment he might appear frozen. This is part of the glitch.
  • Now once again hit the Start button and go into Xbox store or Playstation store. Then back out or exit the store and you will remain frozen.
  • Invite your two friends to the mission lobby wherein the lobby is set to full.
  • Tip: The glitch is designed to work in turns so all three of you including your two friends can make lots of money.
  • Now pull out your in-game phone and call up Lester from the contacts menu. This will hide you from the cops, but avoid attacking a cop or sharing a vehicle with another player who has a wanted level.
  • Then place a bounty on a random friend and ask your other friend to keep killing him to make tons of money.
  • Rinse and repeat the process by switching your roles with friends depending on who needs to make money.

Note: You can make up to $260,000 in ten minutes, depending upon how fast you can kill someone.