For a long time now, players on GTA 5's multiplayer mode, GTA Online, have been complaining about not being able to make enough money and RP.

Owing to this, they resorted to using money and RP glitches that went on to seriously disrupt the balance of GTA Online's in-game economy.

At first, Rockstar tried its hand at patching up all the different glitches, but players kept finding new ones to exploit with each update and patch. The developer's latest attempt at dissuading players from using illegal methods was to double the GTA$ and RP as rewards for Capture jobs on GTA Online.

However, many players are still not satisfied with those rewards and are looking for faster ways to earn RP and GTA$.

Below is a video that shows the gamers one of the game's fastest and easiest ways to make amazingly large amounts of RP after the 1.12 patch. Watch it to learn about the method.

The video suggests that players exploit a mission that takes less than five seconds to complete. Gamers will have to do nothing more than run through a straight line of suitcases and walk into a blue circle to finish the mission. Upon doing so, the mission ends, giving them decent amounts of RP.

By repeating this action over and over using the "replay mission" option, gamers can generate large amounts of RP in GTA Online. For those of you who are looking for a quick method to earn money in GTA Online, check out this amazingly quick GTA 5 1.12 patch money glitch.