Rockstar's GTA 5 has kept players engaged, running and gunning ever since it released in 2013. Despite playing for over six months now, gamers have not run out of things to do thanks to the game's online mode, GTA Online.

Well known YouTuber, Dynasty, recently came out with a video which guided players on 'how to get a flying alien UFP spaceship.' You can have a look at the video guide below.

Getting the UFO spaceship requires players to exploit a glitch. Gamers must ensure that they are in the GTA 5 campaign mode. After this, they must hit Start > Game > Replay Mission and choose 'Did Somebody Say Yoga?'

You're going to have to start the mission and go on until the point where Michael gets abducted. When he does get into the spaceship, causing the doors to shut, players will have to hit 'Start' and wait for things to load up. Go to 'Load Game', pick your last auto save and load it up. Shift into GTA Online and create an invite only session.

Players will now have to get an aircraft, like a chopper, and fly over to the location specified in the video. Upon reaching it and searching for a while, they will come across the UFO spaceship.

GTA 6 Might Take Players Back to Liberty City

GTA 6, the purported sequel of GTA 5, might be set in Liberty City, according to recent reports. Apparently, renowned artist, DJ Whoo Kid of G-unit and Sirus XM's Shade 45, was quoted as saying that he will be in the "new Grand Theft Auto that takes place in New York again." Read more about that here.