GTA 5 PC Beta Keys Surface Online via Fake Test Emails

Earlier this week, Rockstar released the 1.12 title update for GTA 5, thereby bringing numerous changes to the game's multiplayer mode, GTA Online.

Now we take a look at what GTA 5 fans want to see in the 1.13 update which is expected in a few weeks.

Red Dead DLC

"I feel they should incorporate a lot of stuff they had in red dead, such as the wild animals and the ability to ride horses, maybe even add a lasso so you can drag other players down a street. But in all honesty, bring the katana and chainsaw back." - thedanks

The Simple Ability to be Able to Sit Down

"Plus I personally would like to see an option to sit down. On the hood of your car, on a bench or a rock. Would be cool to be in passive mode and while everyone around you freaks out and goes wild you just sit there, enjoy the scenery and have a Pisswasser." - Bong55555

Realistic Buildings

"More of a "living world" so to speak. Buildings being torn down, the buildings that are under construction, lets get those completed. Renovations to the city, closed roads, detours, etc. Cars and weapons are cool and all, but I think a more dynamically changing world would be awesome." - boombooms

Manual Shift for Specific Cars

"And the ability to shift certain cars manually." - BaboTron

"Especially when offroading. No I don't want to shift into 3rd when driving my 2.5 ton truck up a 70° incline.

And god forbid you slide sideways with the throttle pinned, the transmission will have no idea what to do and just sit there dead for a second or two until it wakes up and picks a gear, bounces off the rev limiter for another two seconds, and then shifts up." - 03Titanium

And Much More

"1) A functioning minimap.

2) More towing functionality.

3) Aircraft and watercraft modifications similar to those of cars.

4) More clothing options through refinement.

5) Gun restrictions..." - Pecanpig

Gun Restrictions

"I don't like games where anyone can have any and every weapon imaginable, it ruins it for me. I'd rather you get like 2-4 weapons at a time." - Pecanpig

"Right. There should be like an armoury in the apartment, and you can only select a certain amount of guns to carry with you, despite the fact that you can own many." - cats_rule_dogs_suck

"Here's another idea, make it so body armour ads a damage and speed reduction based on how heavy it is, instead oh just making your health bar longer." - Pecanpig

"think they should give tanks a limited amount of ammunition ... maybe like 50 shots so after a while they become useless lol" - staggmpg

More Options for the Girls

"More hair styles for females.
More hair colours for females." - Hopeann

Plastic Surgery

"Plastic surgery in online - considering how much the game world skewers all things California I'm surprised an option to alter your appearance via surgery isn't available." - TrueVCU

Maintaining an Illegal Business

"I want to start a business, whereby I can sell drugs to other players. Like a few joints that can be smoked on the street rather than having to chug the bong in your apartment. Maybe even buying a shop and having an NPC work there for me. Be fun to try and stop other players from robbing me blind. Or buying/selling second hand or stolen cars. I know that doesn't make much sense with having LSC but I'd enjoy maintaining a legal/illegal business of some sort." - NefariousFiend