GTA 5: Online Heists Coming in Spring Confirms Rockstar

YouTube user NoughtPointFourLIVE has now posted a video that highlights the top 5 Easter eggs of this week on GTA 5. It features references to CJ from San Andreas, the Triads Gang from GTA 3, and much more. Watch it below.

In other GTA 5 news, YouTube user TZ Streamline shared a video in which he talks about the not-so-obvious updates that shipped with the recent 1.12 patch. These include minor and massive changes. Have a look at the so called "secret updates" in the video below.

Capture Jobs Tips For You and Your Crew

In other news, on Friday, Rockstar finally answered the prayers of millions of GTA 5 fans with an easy and legal method to make more GTA$ and RP: the Capture Creator. The developer also went on to offer tips on how players can "dominate capture jobs." Read more about that here.

Cheaters Will Have RP Reset

Rockstar had recently announced that it would soon start resetting the RP of cheaters on GTA Online.

Convinced that players will never stop finding ways to cheat on GTA 5, the developer is set to fix a bug in GTA Online which "allowed players to illegitimately rack up reputation points, announcing that anyone who cheated will have their points reset," according to a report by ExpertReviews. Read more about that here.

GTA 6 Heading Back to Liberty City

In other news, rumours have it that the sequel to GTA 5, the purported GTA 6, might take place in Liberty city. On being asked about his previous video game roles, DJ Whoo Kid of G-unit apparently told Baller Status that he will be in the next GTA game. "I'm bout to be in the new Grand Theft Auto that takes place in New York again," said the famous DJ. Read more about it here.

This rumour should be taken with a grain of salt as there has been no official information from Rockstar to validate it.