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GTA 5: DomisLive has found a few glitches Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTube tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has admittedly removed his recent Hotel and Apartment DLC video after ascertaining that it was probably a fake and could mislead his followers as well as avid gamers of GTA 5.

The tipster admits that he has taken down the fake Hotel and Apartment DLC video from his YouTube channel as he does not intend to grab the advertisement benefits and revenue out of such work.

According to the DLC video, gamers will be able to perform the glitch inside the apartment building or the secret car garage which Dom thinks cannot be accessed normally in the game.

Consequently, the tipster explains he thought that the access to this secret garage could be subject to its availability via future DLC releases. However, it turned out to be false as he clarifies in his new updated video below.

Dom's previous video about the Hotel and Mansion DLC with secret car garage seems to show up some hidden interior details on a random friend's screen while the player is inside.

The entrance to the Hotel Gentry Manor seems to hold some secrets as far as the access to the secret garage is concerned. The tipster clarifies that access to his hotel was limited until they unearthed a new glitch to find a secret entrance.

The only way to identify this building is to find the security guard standing just outside the hotel's compound wall at night. Another key hint to locate this hotel can be found on the map (watch video) where you see an icon beside the skull symbol.

In order to find the secret entrance, here is what you should do:

  • Get into a car parked in front of the hotel and drive it all around the left compound wall and then take a left turn (see video) down the intersection before parking it beside the street pole.
  • Get out of the car, climb up the mansion's compound wall and go to the backyard of the house.
  • Now go to the marked spot on the rear wall of the house and you will fall through the ground.
  • You need a parachute in your backpack to perform this glitch correctly.
  • Let yourself fall off the cliff and then keep descending straight towards the marked icon until you enter the secret garage.
  • Once you are inside the secret garage, you will notice a chandelier on top of it.
  • The catch here is to watch out for the cut-scene whenever your friend leaves the apartment garage; you will see random details inside the garage when you and your friend enter at the same time.

  • Tip #1: You could use the sniper scope to get a closer look at the interiors of the garage.
  • Tip #2: The alternative entrance to the secret garage is accessible by using a fire launcher on the building's wall from outside.
  • Tip #3: The only way to get out of this garage is by killing yourself or by holding the back button on Xbox 360 or the select button on PS3.

Check out the controversial secret garage video at this link: