The internet is abuzz with rumours of Heist and Zombie DLC release details for current-gen consoles, while avid GTA 5 gamers are speculating if the Heist or the Zombie DLC would come out first.

Meanwhile, Rockstar seems to be working hard on the development of these DLCs, as a bunch of leaked source code files have recently surfaced online via hidden game files in GTA Online.

According to discerning tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), the Zombie DLC or Trevor DLC is likely to come out first with the Heist DLC being pushed back to the next consecutive update, which means the highly-anticipated Heist DLC could arrive just ahead of the re-mastered release of GTA 5 in September.

The tipster also sheds some light on his forthcoming personal website, which will be named after his YouTube channel as and go live in the next few days.

Interested gamers may sign up as forum moderators (mods) and the others could enjoy the contents of his new website including games like Minecraft and GMods on Dom's own dedicated gaming servers.

In related news, the same tipster reveals the Zombie DLC first person gameplay mods for single-player as well as a Zombie DLC wishlist via YouTube.

The first person gameplay mod is a handiwork of discerning YouTube modder, RSHFX, and Dom demonstrates the first person melee action gameplay for the Zombie Apocalypse mode.

The tipster also reveals a bunch of wishlist items that are constantly doing the rounds on the internet for the upcoming Zombie DLC for GTA 5.

Here are some of the most widely discussed items in the GTA community that have made their way into the Zombie Apocalypse wishlist:

  • Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles such as an armoured truck
  • Horde Mode, Combo Weapons, Special Zombies and Bosses: The challenge of facing a variety of bosses and special zombies will surely increase the replay value for GTA 5.
  • Ability to turn off radar and player blips with the added difficulty of finding survivors or teaming up with them or killing each other to conserve resources.
  • Special custom weapons like M14, .50 Cal Sniper Rifle and a spiked baseball bat
  • Broken cars and worn-out buildings which can be repaired in the game
  • Raygun or RPG that can fire blood
  • An awesome car with support for extreme customisations including iron rams with spike on the front and rear, along with knee cappers like in Saint Row 3.
  • Zombie mask and clothing as part of some Halloween DLC
  • Human vs Zombies game mode
  • Zombie gang attack in GTA Online, which might occur in some uncharted areas of GTA 5 as it could be easily cordoned off from the public.
  • Half of the city on fire and destroyed, and support for Zombie mode (where a player can assume the role of a zombie).

Let us know what you think about the Zombie DLC release and your favourite wishlist for the same. Please leave your comments below.