GTA 5 Online: Hackers Stealing Millions of Dollars and Weapons from Players via Money Mods
GTA 5 Online: Hackers Stealing Millions of Dollars and Weapons from Players via Money Mods Rockstar Games

GTA 5 players have long been facing the wrath of hackers in the online mode as numerous glitches and mods have been constantly ruining their gameplay experience in GTA Online.

Fresh news about hackers stealing millions of dollars and weapons from GTA Online players has been making waves on the internet as innocent gamers have become the scapegoat or easy targets for greedy modders and pranksters in GTA 5.

As renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) notes, a bunch of avid GTA 5 gamers have reportedly taken to Twitter complaining about their plight after losing millions of dollars and all their weapons to the devious traps set by modders and hackers through modded money lobbies in GTA Online.

Unlike in the past wherein players could enjoy the surplus cash gifted by modders through modded money lobbies, it seems the hackers have changed the course of gameplay with devious tactics such as robbing innocent players of their hard-earned money in millions and stealing their most prized weapons in the game.

Some irked players have even sought the help of Rockstar Games through its support forums, while several of them are left in a quandary not knowing how to react to the situation as nothing seems to be working right in GTA Online at the moment.

One such victim had this to say on Rockstar Support forums after losing his fortune to some greedy modder:

"Dear Rockstar, I have just been robbed of my weapons by an unfair modder his Xbox GT is x alien 2x. And he stole my weapons causing me to pay around $1,000,000 and I earned it fair and square so I was wondering if I could get this money back because I'm extremely frustrated."

In response to the gamer's complaint, a Rockstar support staff had this to say:

"I am really sorry to hear this. Rockstar will definitely look into this. However, they may not be able to reimburse you with your weapons and/or GTA$. Also, if you have any evidence such as photographs or videos of the player cheating/modding, I'd recommend submitting a request with them so that Rockstar can deal with them."

Another victim of the mods used by hackers has complained about losing all his weapons while he was killing people online. The gamer admits that his tank exploded inadvertently as he experienced random explosions happening around his tank before he got killed amid the chaos.

Furthermore, the gamer explains that he could not see anybody's gamer tag as he could only see the message that he died in the explosion. It seems the gamer then re-spawned next to another player who had also apparently lost all his weapons as the two players engaged in fist fight.

Later the player had to restock all his weapons by spending over $400,000 for weapons and ammo via the gun shop or AmmuNation.

GTA Online gamers are advised to stay away from public lobbies or log out of the session at the first hint of something strange happening in order to avoid getting robbed by greedy and deceitful modders or hackers.

Instead you could play with friends in private or invite only sessions so that you will easily dodge the devious traps set by hackers in the game.