GTA 5 Online: Heist DLC vehicles with mounted mini-guns revealed
GTA 5 Online Heists: All leaked vehicles with pictures, Heist crew outfits and beta audio files revealed Rockstar Games

Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for some great news, as the internet is abuzz with fresh rumours of leaked Heist vehicles with pictures, Heist crew outfits and masks, as well as leaked beta audio files pertaining to the DLC.

Renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) sheds more light on the ensuing rumours about Heist DLC leaked information in his latest video, wherein he talks about the complete list of Heist vehicles that are going to make their way into the upcoming DLC.

Here is the full list of Heist DLC vehicles proposed for GTA Online, courtesy Se7ensins forum member V7X3:

Karin Technical

Karin Technical
Karin Technical

Karin Rebel 4x4 or Karin Technical truck is among the high-priority vehicles for Heists DLC as it comes with a machine-gun mounted at the rear of the vehicle.

As Dom admits, the official images pertaining to Heist DLC vehicles have been obtained via Twitter, as Rockstar tweeted some of these images to the YouTuber sometime back.

Vapid Guardian

Next up in the list is the Vapid Guardian which can also be seen to the left of the picture depicting the Karin Rebel.

Contrary to earlier rumours suggesting that the Vapid Guardian could be a helicopter, Dom clarifies that the large trailer depicted in the picture alongside the Karin Rebel would indeed be the Vapid Guardian.

The YouTuber further confirms that the large trailer is not the Vapid Bison, although it mimics the looks and appearance of the latter.

HVY Insurgent

GTA 5 Online Heists DLC vehicle: HVY Insurgent
HVY Insurgent Rockstar

As its name implies, the HVY Insurgent are heavy-armoured military technical with a high-calibre machine-gun mounted on its top, and its highly-durable armour is tailor-made for Heist missions.

The Insurgent is mostly used by the Heist crew members or the crooks, as evident in the recently released Heists trailer for GTA Online.

Karin Kuruma

The Karin Kuruma is another armoured car meant for Heist missions as it comes with bullet-proof armour on all sides that is tailor-made for evading hot pursuits, following the Heist.



A new high-power bike named 'PrincipeLectro' could also make its way into the upcoming Heist update as seen in the picture (see above) depicting a prison bus takeover by some miscreants.

GTA 5 Online Heist DLC Vehicle: Nemesis Bike
Nemesis Bike

Dom clarifies that though the Principe looks identical to the Nemesis bike, it is not the same as the latter (as seen in the video depicting the bike logos).

It is further ascertained that the eLectro and Nemesis bikes were created by the same maker, which is the Principe.

Check out the Principe-Electro in the side view screenshot (see below):

PrincipeLectro (side view)

Dinka Enduro

Dinka Enduro is apparently a creation of the bike maker for Dinka Thrust and the word 'Enduro' means the vehicle is designed for long-distance racing over rough terrain and built for endurance.

As the 'Enduro' word relates to racing motorcycles, we can rest assured that Heist DLC will add one more race bike into the kitty.

Lampadati Casco

The Lampadati Casco is the last in the list of proposed Heist DLC vehicles for the upcoming title update in GTA Online.

The Casco is reportedly a creation of sports car maker whose fascinating feats including Felon, Felon GT, Furore GT and Pigalle.

In related news, the same YouTuber has revealed some interesting titbits about the Heist crew outfits and masks, as well as DLC chrome rims in his newest gameplay video.

Crew Outfits, Masks and Other Gear for Heists

According to prolific leakster, funmw2, it is now ascertained that players will be able to choose their crew outfits along with masks and other gear through the Heist planning board in GTA Online, once the Heist update is released.

Currently, the Heist outfit customisation is limited to crew logos only, and we could see a lot of improvisation in how you dress with a complete Heist suit paired with masks, after the Heist DLC gets released in the next few weeks.

Chrome Customisation for Car Wheels

The Heist update is also expected to introduce the Chrome customisation for car wheels and thereby add more pomp to your high-end cars in GTA Online.

'The Sharmoota Job' and leaked beta audio files

In his third video related to Heists DLC, Dom talks about the Heist mission that has been removed from the game along with some leaked beta audio files for the upcoming DLC.

With due credit to another YouTuber, Vadim M, we now have access to the leaked beta audio files for Heist DLC that clearly reveal the unused dialogs or conversations pertaining to 'The Sharmoota Job' in Heists.

The dialogue script apparently involves Michael and Trevor who embark on a Heist mission titled as 'The Sharmoota Job'.

As Dom points out, these missions were created in the early beta stages of Heist development wherein Michael was called 'Albert'.

As part of this mission, Trevor and Michael are all set for purchasing a house or planning to takeover with the intent of robbing the people in the house and taking everything hidden in the safe, besides stealing a horse.

The catch here is that Michael and Trevor play as a couple in their bid to pull of this Heist with false identity and to evade the cops undetected.

Check out the funny audio clips in the gameplay video (below) for some high-quality entertainment in GTA 5: