YouTuber 'Typical Gamer' now claims that he has found the "confirmed locations" of three of the five new apartments that are rolling out with the GTA 5 Online High Life update this Tuesday.

He added that his findings weren't "guesses", while claiming to have found the possible floor plans for the new apartments as well. Check out all the information in the video embedded into this report.

The YouTuber explains that these locations were found by matching the viewpoints of several Highlife Update images from Rockstar apart from some information from the newswire.

Tinsel Towers

The first apartment is apparently located in Tinsel Towers and is expected to be a pent house suite, meaning that you will find it on the highest floor. The apartment happens to be a rather convenient location since it is located near down town Los Santos and LS Customs. Apart from a ten-car garage, the apartment will feature new interiors and a splendid view of the city.

Richards Majestic

The apartment features swanky new interiors and a ten-car garage with a ramped exit that opens up to the main street. It even has a helipad on the roof, but there's a chance that players won't really get to use it.

Eclipse Towers

This building houses the most expensive apartment that you can find on GTA 5. Typical Gamer adds that there's no visual information about this, but Rockstar did previously mention that one of the new apartments will be located at Eclipse Towers. It features a ten-car garage with a wide entrance to the street.

Apartment Plans

The plans in the video indicate that the apartments will only be one level. A nice feature happens to be that they will feature a dedicated "heist planning room" so that you can scheme with your friends. There's also a bedroom, closet, bathroom, dining/pool table and more.

This information can be confirmed once Rockstar rolls out the update on Tuesday.