A YouTuber, Typical Gamer, has now come across information in GTA 5's game code which allows him to believe that Rockstar will start allowing players to purchase and use Jetpacks after the game's next title update. He credits this finding to 'Chr0m3 x MoDz'. Learn more about that in the video below.

The video goes on to detail that there is a code in the 1.12 executable files that detail the possibility of Jetpacks being included in the game's next DLC. Also worth noting is the mural mentioned in the video, which has inspired a massive hunt on GTA online for the purported Jetpack.

In fact, gamers have been speculating that Rockstar would come out with a Jetpack ever since GTA 5 came out in September 2013.

While this is only a rumour and can't be confirmed until Rockstar offers an official response or announcement related to it, there is a good chance that Jetpacks could be included in the next update since there are multiple mentions of the item in the game's source code.

Typical Gamer isn't alone. Another YouTuber, iJordan1409, has also posted a video containing a similar claim. Have a look at it below.

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