GTA Online: New Rockstar Verified Jobs and Tips to Create Killer Deathmatches

Despite having made its début back in September 2013, Rockstar's GTA 5 is still seeing a growing fan base among gamers thanks to its expansive multiplayer mode, GTA Online.

Apart from rolling out constant updates, DLCs and other things, Rockstar has also given players the ability to create their own maps and missions for GTA Online through the GTA Online content creator.

A YouTuber has now highlighted a new user created job called 'Jets vs Tanks,' which allows players to hop into jets along with their friends to destroy MPC tanks from up in the air. Watch players give the mission a try in the video below.

The mission happens to be a lot of fun and can serve as a great alternative to grinding with missions like Rooftop Rumble, since it offers a good amount of GTA$ and RP to winners.

For those of you looking for more things on GTA 5 Online, here's a neat little video from another YouTuber who explains how players can turn their trusty dog, Chop, into a Siberian Husky, a breed that was made popular by Hollywood Cinema in recent years.

Players need to use a mod to get Chop turned into a Siberian Husky. Check it out below.

While we don't expect this to happen in the near future, the YouTuber in question talks about how it would be amusing to turn your pet into all kinds of animals, including pigs, tigers and even something as extreme as a dragon. Do let us know if you have fun ideas for your GTA 5 pet in the comment section below.