GTA Online: Lowriders DLC
GTA 5 Online: Lowriders 2.0, Apartment and Yacht Customisation DLC release timeline revealed Rockstar Games

Avid GTA gamers are in for some exciting news as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has revealed the exact release timeline for the highly-anticipated Lowriders 2.0 update, and Apartment and Yacht Customisation DLC for GTA Online. The release timeline is actually linked to the pattern of the leak over the past few days.

As Ross admits in his latest gameplay video, the leaked DLC content surfacing in the last few days has been essentially stored in four different DLC folders: mpapartment, mplowrider2, mpxmas_604490 and patchday8ng.

Apart from the patchday8ng, we already have a clue regarding the content of the other three folders. As far as the patch is concerned, it is still unclear what changes or fixes Rockstar would likely introduce with the upcoming DLC update in GTA Online.

As Ross explains, each of these folders clearly suggests incremental updates to GTA Online. In other words, all the four updates will come out one after another, instead of a simultaneous release.

Christmas surprise

Now, the big question concerning GTA Online games is: Which of these three DLCs would be coming out first? Contrary to the general notion that the Christmas or Festive Surprise 2.0 DLC will be next on Rockstar's hit-list, the leaked DLC release schedule indicates that the Apartment Customisation DLC would be released first. It would be followed by the Lowriders 2.0 and finally the Christmas DLC.

As noted in an earlier IBTimes UK report, the Apartment Customisation DLC brings a bunch of interior furniture and accessory upgrades to the existing Apartments in GTA Online including custom bed options, couches, sofa sets, tables and chairs, TV sets, and various upgrades to modular kitchen. Customisation could once again take centrestage and force you to part with your hard-earned money, as was the case with the recently released Lowriders DLC in GTA Online.

The Yacht DLC is also likely to debut along with the Apartment Customisation DLC with a fleet of new Jet-Ski's and cruise liners going up for purchase at the Dock Tease. Several new vehicles including the Imponte Nightshade, Declasse Mamba and Benefactor Schafter (limo version with mini-gun on top), Enus Cognoscenti 55 and Enus Cognoscenti Sedan L will enter the new list of DLC cars with the release of the Apartment Customisation DLC.

The DLC will also debut some classic vehicles like the Buckingham Super Valeto, Baller 3 and Baller 4, Speeder 2, Toro 2, Seashark 3, Dinghy 3 and cargobob 3.

Moving on to the forthcoming Lowriders 2.0 DLC, we can expect to see the Vapid Slamvan 3 which seems to be fully customizable like all other Lowrider cars in GTA Online. Next, we have the Declasse Tornado 5, the Declasse Sabre Turbo or GT2, and the Albany Virgo 2.

To sum it up, the new Lowriders update is likely to debut four new cars alongside the existing six, to make a total of ten customisable lowriders. On the weapons front, we will be seeing the switchblade, double-barrel shotgun, new Magnum revolver and an AK submachine gun.

Finally, coming to the proposed Christmas DLC, there is not enough content in terms of cars or weapons with the exception of just one addition, the Declasse Tempa. The various screenshots (see video) pertaining to the Tempa suggest that it has been recalled from GTA 4.

Ross concludes that the leaked DLC files are still a work in progress and hence the final DLC release could look much better with the possibility of adding new clothes, tattoos, face-paints and more. As far as the release timeline is concerned, all these three DLCs are likely to be out within the time gap of a month apart.

With the Christmas DLC scheduled for December, the other two DLCs will come out just before or after it. In other words, the Apartment and Yacht Customisation DLC is likely to release by the end of November, while the Lowriders 2.0 will likely be pushed back to January 2016.