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GTA 5 Online QnA: Heist, Zombie DLC and 1.17 Update Rockstar Games

Rockstar is expected to launch the highly-anticipated Heist DLC in the next few days, while the GTA community is abuzz with talk of Heist, Zombie DLC and the impending 1.17 update as renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has uploaded the tenth edition of QnA series for GTA Online in his latest video.

Here are excerpts of the tenth QnA series from DomisLive in GTA Online:

First up on the QnA list is the possibility of Heists seeing babies in GTA Online, which seems quite absurd at the moment. However, the YouTuber opines that it cannot be ruled out.

Responding to another fan query about new weapons and vehicles being introduced with the Heist DLC, Dom explains that he would like to see Thermite Bomb and an Assault Rifle as part of the upcoming DLC content.

As far as new vehicles and clothing are concerned, an attack helicopter and a getaway van along with a ski-mask are on top of Dom's wishlist.

Talking about next-gen GTA expectations, Dom explains that it would be a special treat from Rockstar Games as he expects to see 30 player lobbies, First Person mode and a herd of new animals being added to the game with the ability to hunt wild animals like in Far Cry series.

Answering some of the funniest real-life questions ever, Dom admits he believes that a remote possibility exists that some kind of aliens on a remote planet or ghosts creeping out of dark could actually be true.

He acknowledges that he has not seen any such thing in his life till date. However, he firmly believes that a beast-like Big Foot could have really existed at some point of time and later become extinct.

Pointing out the recently rumoured release date hint for Heist DLC via leaked source code for Xbox Live marketplace, Dom reassures that Rockstar is definitely working on a major DLC release in the upcoming days.

The leaked source code clearly hints at a highly-probable Heist DLC release on 30 September as it is the last Tuesday of the month.

Dom also talks about his career as a YouTuber, the time he spends in GTA 5 public lobbies and the reasons why he would choose High-Life update as his favourite DLC in the game.

Addressing fan concerns about hackers and modders ruining the gameplay experience in GTA 5, the YouTuber asserts that the security measures would be stronger on next-gen systems including the PC and hence the pranksters would not be able to wreak havoc with game-breaking mods and glitches in GTA Online.

Apart from the ability of being able to play a full-fledged Heist DLC, it would be a great value addition if some sub-missions or bonus missions existed within the Heist mission in order to keep the players busy with new thoughts rather than the monotonous job/reward gameplay.

In the later part of the video, Dom reveals his favourite food, most-cherished breed of dog and more about his personal preferences.

There is also a mention of GTA 5 next-gen getting a bigger map in one fan query, while Dom clarifies that it could be highly unlikely that Rockstar would make any location changes or expand its game world in the re-mastered edition of GTA 5.