Renowned YouTube tipsters, DomisLive (aka Dom) and iCrazyTeddy, have shared some funny moments with the fan-made Zombie Apocalypse mission gameplay in GTA Online even as fans await one of the most-eagerly anticipated Zombie DLC for GTA 5.

The two YouTubers team up to take out a bunch of zombies in this mini-game even as a handful of bugs creep into their gameplay.

There is an instance wherein Dom is killed by iCrazyTeddy's weird hand movement as they try evading the zombies on their trail.

Quite strangely, a message saying "Wasted... iCrazyTeddy whacked you" appears on the screen while neither of the two YouTubers are aware of the cause of this incident.

Towards the later part of the mini-game, another glitch shows up wherein Dom is killed again as some explosive blows up a zombie into thin air.

On the bright side, the Zombie mini-game fetches you 25RP for each kill and paves the way for quick levelling up or rank up fast in GTA Online. Besides, you can collect some cash laying on the ground immediately after killing a zombie in the game.

The best part of this mini-game remains in the ability to respawn a player after he dies, while there is limitless number of zombies re-spawning after each kill.

With no time counter in place for the mission, this could give a head-start for lower-ranked and trigger-happy players to level up fast in GTA Online.