GTA 5 Online Stunts: Insane Monster Truck Madness and Funny Moments

A discerning GTA 5 gamer and tipster, DomisLive, has shared some funny moments involving a Monster truck or SandKing stunt race on a narrow ramp with "No Contact" settings enabled.

The event is titled "AK47 12 Seconds to Impact" with the following description:

"Free fall with a SandKing for 12 seconds. No Contact race. U will make enough with the high speed dirt start slow, straighten out then hit the gas to the end of the ramp."

This is not a clear cut race that you are accustomed to in GTA Online. It is rather a stunt montage with SandKing and other super race cars which demonstrate some skilful ways of landing neatly on your car tyres, following a free fall from dangerous heights.

One wrong step could get your car blown off in an explosion or even get you killed.

Dom and his crew exhibit some dexterous car-handling and amazing stunts which you can watch in the video below:

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