GTA 5 Graphics Comparison
GTA 5: PS4 vs PC vs PS3 graphics gameplay comparison and Vice City Online DLC concept revealed Rockstar Games

Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for some special treat, as folks at GamerSky have recently uploaded a GTA 5 gameplay video depicting the graphics comparison between PS4, PC and PS3 platforms, ahead of the highly-anticipated PC release for the game.

GTA 5 Graphics Comparison

With the GTA 5 for PC release just around the corner, discerning gamers would be craving for a first look at the PC edition of the game running at an amazing 4K resolution, with the high image clarity as well as crisp colours that it is expected to offer.

GTA 5 Graphics Comparison

The gameplay video below presents you a bunch of screenshots comparing the graphics and gameplay elements for the three gaming platforms, wherein the PC version really stands out for its crisp, visually detailed gameplay elements, enhanced graphics texture quality, improved colours, and visually stunning weather effects.

In related news, DomisLive has recently shared a new gameplay video detailing the GTA 5 Vice City Online DLC concept that showcases brand new weapons, gear and cars, with due credit to an imgur user, TheGeekSmith, who has uploaded this information on the website.

GTA 5 Vice City Online DLC concept
GTA 5 Vice City Online DLC concept TheGeekSmith/Imgur

As Dom admits, the new gameplay video pertaining to the GTA 5 Vice City online DLC concept takes the game away from Los Santos and moves it to Miami.

Check out the complete description of the map along with the gameplay description for the fictional VCPD DLC in the video below:

1. Northern Vice City (a fictional metropolis loosely based on the larger cities in Florida. Luxury hotels, night clubs, bars, high end restaurants, museums, etc...)

2. Cape Castoff (Cape Canaveral with wilderness/swampland leading up to it. Small towns scattered about in between)

3. Central Vice City (The classic Vice City Map, reimagined but similar to the original. Includes the beach, the shopping mall, the military depot and other landmarks)

4. Sandbar Island (a big brother to Starfish Island that houses several modern mansions, a new country club and luxury car dealerships)

5. Starfish Island (The classic mansion island from Vice City, now full of dated, but still overpriced homes. Your main criminal contact still resides here)

6. Port Pantano (a small, lively city with a less tourist-y feel. Grittier, more down to earth and punctuated with ghettos, an airstrip and more)

7. The Glades (a sprawling, interconnected chain of swampland islands that are home to the backwoods towns, hunting shacks, and Vice City's version of red necks.)

8. Little Havana (a Latin influenced, culture heavy city with many small neighbourhoods, lots of shops, restaurants and nightlife)