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GTA 5 Assassination update: Leaked DLC mission stats and gameplay locations revealed Rockstar Games

Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for some great news, as renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has revealed some interesting titbits about the forthcoming Assassination update, including the leaked DLC info and gameplay locations in GTA 5.

The leaked DLC info pertains to the single-player Assassination missions, which has been unearthed by prolific GTA tipster Funmw2, via leaked game files in GTA 5.

As Dom points out, Funmw2 has a great track record for accurate DLC leaks with GTA 5 in recent times, and the same holds good for the latest leak on Assassination DLC.

It is ascertained that Rockstar Games is likely to roll out both single-player and multiplayer DLC missions with the forthcoming Assassination update for GTA 5, as fresh details pertaining to the names of these missions as well as mission locations have emerged through the leaked game files from Funmw2.

Here is the complete list of single-player Assassination DLC missions and their gameplay descriptions for GTA 5:


This mission would require you to either dress up the police in disguise to acquire some confidential information or kill someone.


In this mission, you are likely to be entrusted with the challenge of retrieving a vehicle or some classified information and/or kill some target without being spotted.


You may need to dress up as a cable worker and assassinate someone at their house.


This mission could involve anything like robbing an AmmuNation store or killing some General at Fort Zancudo.


This mission may involve something to do with confiscating drugs or retrieving a package and delivering it to the destination, while terminating any police resistance in the process.


Helicopter missions could again involve hijacking a helicopter at the predestined location and taking down the pilot, before time runs out.


It could probably require you to disguise your identity with some weird make-up or take down someone at the barber shop.


This mission could put you in the shoes of a street gang member in disguise, and entrust you the task of eliminating some most wanted criminal.


You may be asked to retrieve some packages or steal something from the vineyard in this mission.

Hunter, and Skydive

There is no specific information about these missions available at the moment. However, it is anybody's guess that you may be asked to hunt for a specific animal or some VIP target and take a close-up photo of the same as proof of kill, during the Hunter mission.

Skydive mission could involve infiltrating a secret location and retrieving some confidential files or data.

Moving on to the gameplay locations, Funmw2 has tweeted about the most likely places for the upcoming Assassination missions in GTA 5 story mode: