GTA 5: Unlimited Money via Car Duplication Glitches in 1.10 Update [VIDEO]
Become a quick billionaire with unlimited money via car duplication glitch in GTA 5 1.10 patch

Rockstar recently released its newest 1.10 title update to patch up several exploits unearthed in the previous bug-fix update (1.09) for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) Online.

Nevertheless, discerning GTA gamers have devised some new ways of exploiting the unlimited money and RP glitches using loopholes within the game in online mode. Once again, greedy gamers are behind the popular car duplication glitch to make unlimited money and get super rich in no time.

IBTimes UK explores the possible outcomes of using the infinite money and car-duplication glitch with the aid of a few YouTube videos posted online. However, be advised that using such glitches could result in attracting "bad sport" title from fellow players or get you placed in the Cheater Pool or in the worst case result in a permanent account ban from Rockstar.

How to Earn Unlimited Money via Car Duplication Glitch in 1.10 Patch

  • For this glitch to work, you need a friend, an expensive car and a BMX bike in your garage.
  • Take the car (choose an expensive one) you want to duplicate and park it just outside the garage.
  • Enter the garage and take your BMX bike. Now, before you open the garage door to step out, call your friend and ask him to stand in front of your garage and keep two sticky bombs handy for you.

Tip:The catch here is to damage your car and get yourself killed in the accident by asking your friend to throw some sticky bombs behind your car, right at the moment you are stepping out of the garage with your BMX (when the garage door is open).

  • Avoid touching any controller buttons at this moment and make sure the car is placed very close to the garage door ( a convenient way to get killed and then respawn somewhere nearby).
  • Now, ask your friend to drive your car back to you.Take the car to the nearest Los Santos Customs shop and sell it (your car will respawn or duplicate at this moment).
  • Once you exit the Customs shop, call your mechanic and place a Request for Personal Vehicle. Choose the same car which you sold at the shop and get it delivered to your location.
  • Drive the duplicated car back to your garage. Before you re-enter the garage just purchase a new BMX bike.
  • Rinse and repeat this process as many times as you wish to make unlimited money in GTA 5 with 1.10 patch installed.

For further assistance, check out the video tutorial below: