Rockstar recently patched up several car duplication glitches for unlimited money as well as RP glitches with the release of 1.10 title update.

GTA 5: Unlimited Money via Solo Rebel Car Duplication Glitch After 1.10 Patch

Nevertheless, discerning GTA 5 gamers have unearthed a solo car duplication glitch in 1.10 Patch with the potential to earn millions of dollars in just a few minutes. You could just keep duplicating cars and sell them at Los Santos customs shop for unlimited money.

Though you might discover several money/car duplication glitches online, the Rebel car glitch is the ultimate as it removes the payout limitation on the price of your car.

In other words, it allows you to get the full payment over the selling price of your car instead of being capped at $50,000, which is the case with most of the car duplication/money glitches out there.

Quite deservingly, it is the most popular car duplication money glitch that ever existed in GTA Online. IBTimes UK explores the possible ways you could exploit this glitch using a simple step-by-step guide (courtesy of motoringcrunch):

NOTE: If you have used the car transfer glitch to import your car from single player to multiplayer mode or receiving $50,000 payout message, you can employ this new glitch using a Rebel car for maximum returns.

  • If you own a Rebel car in story mode, use the transfer glitch to duplicate the same car in online mode. Now get into the car (you want to duplicate) in your apartment garage, and wait until its name fades off or the engine turns on.
  • Right at this moment when the engine revs-up (requires multiple attempts to get the timing right), hit the Triangle/Y button and tap or hold R2/Right Trigger. Tip: Release the Triangle/Y button before tapping R2/RT. If this is done correctly, the camera zoom varies or the car's door opens slightly as the screen fades.
  • You should now spawn next to your duplicated car. Get into this car and take it outside.
  • Re-enter the garage with the duplicated car (do not get out of the car or replace the original car) and once again head outside. Drive the car to Los Santos Customs (LSC) shop.
  • On your way to the customs shop, call your mechanic and request for the same model that you are driving. If you are receiving the $50,000 payout restriction message during the sell-out, then call for the Rebel car instead.
  • Wait for the Rebel car to arrive and then drive it into the customs garage. Sell-off the Rebel car.
  • After the car is sold retrieve the original Rebel car to LSC and reinsure it. Drive it back to your garage.
  • To duplicate the car once again, return to single player or story mode and resume an invite only session. If previously you used the Rebel, then destroy it and buy a new car in online mode (different model).
  • Rinse and repeat the entire process to earn unlimited cash and become a quick billionaire in GTA Online.