GTA Online: New Rockstar Verified Jobs and Tips to Create Killer Deathmatches

Despite Rockstar's repeated attempts to take down money glitches, gamers manage to find more and more ways to make money illegally on GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of GTA 5.

A new money gltich has been discovered and it allows players to earn about $100K per hour if executed properly.

As with most money glitches, this one is simple, allowing players to make GTA$ through some of the game's loopholes.

Follow the instructions below to execute the glitch and reap some illegal but rich rewards:

1. Start an invite-only gaming session. Find a store, get inside and rob it. Give the clerk a nice fat punch in the face and proceed to empty the cash register before running away.

2. Navigate back to the start menu and enter your console's store. It could either be the PlayStation store or Xbox Live Marketplace, depending on your paltform. Enter the store as if you're going to buy in-game money by paying for it with real-world money.

3. As soon as it loads, exit the virtual store.

4. You will now spawn back into the exact same store that you robbed. The reason being that the world will have refreshed. Rob the store again and run away with the dirty money.