GTA: San Andreas for iPhone and iPad Available via iOS App Store [Download]
GTA: San Andreas for iPhone and iPad Available via iOS App Store

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTASA) is Rockstar's hot selling title of 2004 and the most beloved prequel to Grand Theft Auto 5. Though the San Andreas game is already several years old, its popularity among the GTA fans has not flinched a bit.

Quite deservingly, Rockstar has presented the opportunity for video gamers to experience the game on iOS, while Android and Windows phone users need to wait a bit longer. GTA SA will be available for download in the UK and US via iOS App Store from the midnight of 12 December. The game will also be available for download in Australia and New Zealand on the same day.

The story of GTA: San Andreas revolves around the protagonist CJ, a fugitive who is on the run from the law, while doing errands for a couple of crooked cops and trying to clear his name with charges against crimes he did not commit.

As The Verge reports, the GTASA is now available on iPhones (iPhone 4s and later), iPods and iPads (iPad 2 and later) with support for iOS game controllers that offer traditional buttons and gamepads. With an expected release price of £4.3 ($6.99) in the US, the game is said to be 1.63GB in size.

Some of the salient features of GTASA for iOS release include: remastered graphics, cloud save to sync progress between devices and best looking visuals of San Andreas yet. Custom or user-defined radio stations can be built via music playlists, which can be accessed within the game's radio playlist by looking up "GTASA".

As Redmond Pie notes, though the game will run on any device newer than the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, the latest iOS devices such as iPhone 5s and iPad 4 will reportedly deliver the best graphics performance as they benefit from dynamic shadows and real-time reflections.

Those in UK can download GTASA for iOS from the following link via iTunes: GTA: San Andreas

Those in US can download GTASA for iOS from here: GTASA

Those residing in New Zealand can download GTA: San Andreas from the following link via App Store: GTA: San Andreas for iOS

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