GTA 5 Online: Make $15m an Hour with Infinite Money Glitch in 1.06 Patch [VIDEO]
GTA 5 Online: Make $15m an hour with infinite money glitch in 1.06 patch

Rockstar Games recently rolled out the eagerly awaited Beach Bum DLC with 1.06 Title Update (patch) to address bugs and issues with GTA 5 Online. Though the new patch fixed the most common bugs and exploits in the previous release (v1.05 patch), the infinite money glitch has resurfaced, allowing GTA Online players to make unlimited money in no time (click to see our stock market guide to unlimited money).

Rockstar has reportedly labelled the glitch "an exploit", and has so far failed to identify the root cause of this issue. Nevertheless, it is good news for greedy gamers who can make $15m in-game cash every hour in online mode.

The 1.06 update continues to support the infinite money glitch or exploit that allows gamers to potentially resell their cars an infinite number of times and get super-rich in no time.

The catch here is to set up a spawn point near the Los Santos Customs shop and switch back to story mode. Then log back into the online mode and resell your car for more money.

Tip: During the car sale at Customs shop, quickly open the in-game menu and choose the swap character option. If you do this right, the car sale will be accepted and you will spawn at the location outside the garage where your car is parked. Rinse and repeat the process to become a quick billionaire.

The amount of money generated with this trick depends on the price of your car. Try to maximise your earnings by choosing to sell the priciest of cars in GTA 5 Online.

For further assistance, check out the video tutorial below:

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