Avid fans of the Flappy Bird game are in for some exciting news, as the popular iOS developer Hamza Sood, has just showcased an amazing clone of the game on a hacked Apple Watch running watchOS2, in his latest video.

Hamza Sood has recently tweeted to his followers and fans that his creation involves the use of SpriteKit rendering, touch/crown control and SFX through speaker, which are all native framework features of the Apple Watch.

The cloned version of the original Flappy Bird game supports both touch screen control and Digital Crown support to move the bird up and down while dodging obstacles, reports iDownloadBlog.

The game is aptly dubbed NanoFlappy, given its smaller size. The icing on the cake is the support for SFX effects through a built-in speaker on the Apple Watch, which should definitely satisfy purists of the game.

Folks at iDownloadBlog have also confirmed that the game loads and runs fast without any noticeable lag or slowdown, thanks to the advantage of running a native code directly on the device itself.

In related news, it is ascertained that developers Steven Troughton-Smith, Jay Freeman and Adam Bell have been successful in running a native version of the Canabalt game on the Apple Watch with SceneKit and UIKit installed over WatchOS 2.

If you are still sceptical, check out the new NanoCanabalt game in action, in the demo video (below):