The premiere episode of Pretty Little Liars season 7 started with the liars Aria, Emily and Spencer digging a grave and admitting to a murder. But what's more shocking was the absence of Hanna from the scene. The episode then flashes back to four days earlier and navigates fans though the struggle the girls suffer to rescue their friend from the unknown tormentor.

The episode ended with Hanna escaping her kidnapper's clutches before meeting Mary Drake who picked her up on the pretext of helping her. Now show producer Charlie Craig has warned fans about Jessica DiLaurentis's twin and her evil intentions for the liars.

"I don't think we can say she's saving Hanna," he told Hollywood Reporter. While explaining the dire situation of the girls, Craig hinted at the absence of the kidnapped liar from the very first scene of the season 7 premiere and teased that they might be digging the grave for Hanna.

He said, "We love that we started with that grave being dug by the three girls and you didn't see Hanna there, and that is still in the future right now. There is the possibility that they are digging that grave for Hanna. Having seen her just being picked up by Mary Drake, the possibility that that's who the grave is being dug for is out there. I would not say being picked up by Mary should be read as she's being saved."

Earlier, show creator Marlene King teased major deaths in the seventh season and after Craig's hints, it is possible to speculate that Hanna's ordeal is far from over. Craig also weighed in on one fan favourite theory that Mary and Elliot are A.D.

"They have an agenda, but there is also a division developing between them, which gives us two different people to think and worry about. It is possible that maybe together they are 'A.D.' or working for 'A.D.' which is the same as Uber "A" this season, but there will be some divisions between them."

PLL season 7, episode 2, Bedlam will air on Tuesday 28 June on Freeform.